The Otherside of Cinema ~ Classic Disney

Now this may be because I am graduating from college, or maybe Im just a wee bit homesick for the “good old days” but, I started missing those classic Disney movies-you know the ones before Air Bud, Air Bud II, Aladdin 6, 170 Dalmatians, Alice in Wonderland 8, Return of Medusa 3- you get the point. Remembering some of them and watching a few more, it made me wonder of how much time really went in to making these. I had always wondered as a child, how one could make drawings come alive, but even with the opening and closing credits there seemed more artistic value than in most of the movies made today combined. The music, the messages, the characters, sounds, just the whole bundle made you feel better about life and the world. I also loved how Disney experimented with their movies, added something different each time, (and im not just speaking about the story). What happened? Here are some old memories, and a bit of nostalgia for you. Click on the film titles if you wish to view the movie.

Robin Hood. These opening credits I think were very well done. Different from most if not all, I think that the style was genius. And also one of my top 10 (20) Disney movies. And Clucky, who doesn’t love that badminton scene. And I think it has one of the most romantic scenes in Disney. I most definitely take my hat off to it.

The Rescuers. This movie had a very mature feel to it. It was not only frightening at times, but it dealt with some topics which when I first saw it were beyond my depth. But watching it when I was older I found a deeper appreciation for it.

Alice in Wonderland. The best thing about this movie is….well everything. The music, the story, the artwork, the magic.The walrus and the carpenter, and WHO ARE YOUU?

Peter Pan. Who doesn’t love Peter Pan? Or still look for the second star on the right? Or want a dog as a nanny? oh George and his cufflinks…

The Aristrocats. To have Maurice Chevlier sing the opening credits, one can’t get more francias than that. Perfecte. I’m ready mistero

The Lady and the Tramp. Two words: BELLA NOTTE. And who doesn’t love a Tramp?

Bed Knobs and Broomsticks. A staple in my British childhood. Though at 6 never quite understood who the nazzi’s were however, I was most proud to be able to date the tapestry which appears in the opening credits to the 1000’s, the Norman invasion of england. Won an Oscar in 1972. Im off to do some Substitutiary Locomotion.. ” Treguna Mekoides and Trecorum Satis Dee…..


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