The Otherside of Advertising Week 8

Welcome to Week 8,

Because I am a senior, and Im (OMG, OMG, OMG, stressing like WHOA) tactifully using my tools that my university is providing me (still OMG’ing) I will be posting more career orieneted material which i find along the way, because trust me I am looking day and night, its becoming my full time job (professors reading this, log off now). I started off a little in Week 7 but for now on, it will be a big part of my postings. So laisse aller! (lets go!)


1. For those who are seniors or students of advertising and are worried about their future, Click Here and let your worries out the door way. If you are too lazy to click the Click Here link. Here is a break down of what the AdAge article says (and im paraphrasing here) :

1.”The Advertising major incorporates several different fields” – if you want to know which ones, click the link.  2. “If its your passion then”….. (click the link) 3. “It invokes”….(well many things, stress, caffeine addiction…click the link) 4. “It welcomes alternative perspectives”, 5. “You’re a” …(douche bag, slimball, sales-man, geek, ……CLICK THE LINK)

2. Here is an article helping you with that dreaded task of securing (landing) a job. Bottom line: “A big-name company is not going to do all the talking during your first job interview, you are, and a potential employer will truly take an interest in a unique internship that provided you with hands-on experience.” For More Click Here

3. Some Career preparation guide’s care of USC’s career centre (in PDF form): Guide 1, Guide 2, Guide 3, Guide 4, Guide 5

4.  Now its good in life not to peer over ones shoulder but, its sometimes not condusive to ones life if there is rubbish left out which has not been dealt with. For those of you who have had internships, domestic or international, and haven’t exactly had the most rosey experience, there are places one can go to vent and find out what the next step is. For me I just recently had a shotty experience at a place I will not name, but it was a waste of 24 hours a week x 4 months of paper pushing and receiving countless passive agreesive vibes from my boss. Have received no recommendation letter despite countless emails, so now what? There is aid on the www: there is, articles: link 1 link 2, link 3,  also a blog in the UK just popped up – Interns Anonymous.


We have all gone through that moment where we’ve seen an ad whether it be a print, billboard or tv spot and said, “that was bad, I have a better idea”. Well Adam Sacks, of has provided us advertising geeks with ads which have been either revamped or created to make us laugh, and not so much worry about what the company is trying to sell us. Here are some examples:

go to for more interesting and fun ads!


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