The Otherside of Advertising Week 7

Hello back from a long hiatus…


Worried about what to do, where to go, how to survive in the real world? What comes after you get that piece of parchment which is your supposed ticket into the real world? Well, in my cast my forthcoming B.A. in International Relations will do diddly squat for my CV as an advertising hopeful so, this is where one gets creative. Travelling has always been in my plans for what will come after graduating. Here is an AdAge article about what comes next: Click Here


Here are some things to start off the new school term! It is not a tv spot or print ad, but it sure is marketing!

An admissions video for those who wish to apply to Yale or see the next steps higher education is taking to grab people’s attention. Quite amusing. For those too old for High School Musical – any musical will come to mind. Wicked, or Mr. Majieka (for those schooled in the U.K.)  came to mind for me. Wonder if they will do a Harry Potter Musical (oh bother)….the sky is the limit….I think my school, USC, should get on re-doing their admissions video….

Here is the video:


Adage Video- Audi vs. US car makers

Really brings back memories of this TV Spot

Here are some more awesome Ads from Audi

AUDI Billboard, Santa Monica Blvd.

BMW on the other side of the street

And Audi’s response:

Billboard with sexy headlights


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