The Otherside of Advertising Week 6

Lately for school I have been engulfed in the reading of Soviet and Russian foreign policy as well as their ever convoluted, tortuous and actuated society. I have also been immersed in their art – propoganda, photography, film so this week I feel the need to share a little of the work which inspired so much of what is around us.

Propoganda, advertising I believe at its purest and finest. How can images, and words painted bring societies to come together and either change their way of life for either war or for a new government. Alexander Rodchenko, a Russian artist was a major force behind the Constructivist and Productivist movement which occurred after the Revolution in 1917.


Nick Knight WAAAAY (A DECADE) Ahead of His Time or Our Time

Mr. Knight’s photo site was a precursor of social networking 10 years ago.” (NYTimes)

Here is the link to his website (click here)

Here is the link to his ShowStudio blog (click here)


Boy Moves Top Floor of Buildings

Photographs taken from under billboard

Billboard made from 7.563 Dice

The F Word Said on Billboard (sort of)


What Life Is Like for Titles After They Leave Print

First Network, Then Cable, Now There’s ‘Social TV’


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