The Otherside of Advertising Week 4

Welcome to Week 4!

To start the week off, Deutsch Agency (Los Angeles) won the Volkswagen account! They beat out Omnicom Group’s Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco!( im excited about this because one of my advertising professors works there and has been very busy lately so good for him!)  If you are not familiar with Deutsch: here are their clients:

Screen shot 2009-11-02 at 18.51.33

For those who like visuals here are some tv spots which have come out of Deutsch! The ikea has been my favourite since I first saw it. So good.

Ikea. Amazing. So simple yet, so effective.

These Direct TV spots are very effective and funny!

Playstation Motorstorm 2- the song is by an Ukrainian singer Gogol Bardello (who is also in the movie wristcutters) (and whose pictures I also have from a recent concert of his I attended in the photographs section) THERE WAS NO CGI!


California Cheese


Blue Shield of California

I have been searching for this commercial for awhile now and am so glad to have found it. It was created by Internal Blue Shield of California Marketing Team. Click Here for information about their branding campaign.

VODAPHONE New Zealand – 1812 symphony recreation using 53 phones. Genius what ever will the New Zealanders come up with next? Remember the Nothing To Hide Air New Zealand safety video? How could one forget! It definitely helped me to remember to fasten my seatbelt and to put my seat back in its upright position!

via: AdverBlog

Here is the making of the advert. Its worth a watch!

SOME Out Of Home (OOH) FUN

Cancer Hits the Streets – Another New Zealand creation I think speaks for itself which is what advertising should do full stop. And I believe that the New Zealand advertising agencies have really nailed it without making it too complicated.

Invisible Cockroaches

Boards that attach themselves to you

Lets you feel like a movie star


8 Things You Should Know About TV

New York Times had an article about some guerrilla advertising check it out! The Ad features gunmen dressed as Anna Wintour (whose latest movie The September Issue hit screens this past September). What are your thoughts?

Screen shot 2009-11-02 at 15.21.48

Check Out the Youtube Videos 1-3—>


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