The Otherside of Advertising Week 3



Here are some interesting ads but what makes them so interesting is not the ads themselves but, what they are in fact selling.

wow. try and figure out what each are selling (esp. that last one – you’d never guess)


Heres a Monty Python to start things

Here are some spots some of which made me giggle once or twice (considering I’m British that alot of giggles)

Bridgestone Tires

T Mobile

The first two tv spots were created by Saatchi & Saatchi, London and have completely changed advertising how we once knew it. Genius

Developed at Saatchi & Saatchi, London and Partizan Films.

Developed at Saatchi & Saatchi, London and Partizan Films.

Cravendale Milk [UK Advert]

Here are some adverts which we in Great Britain like to enjoy! Created by Wieden and Kennedy and animated by Pic Pic


Because I am a rower I found this funny but, sadly the other non-rowers of the world maybe not as


Although the following are not Ads, they should be watched just to appreciate the creativity that is behind them and the work it took. And if nothing else, then just to spend a few minutes back in childhood!


Alice In Wonderland

Mary Poppins


Newspapers Grapple With How — or Even Whether — to Erect a Pay Wall

Top 10 Lessons to Learn From NBC’s Failing Leno Strategy

Newspapers deserve to survive if only to tell a few more stories like this

Pandora, Hulu: What happened to free?

Consumer Review: The Best Smartphones On The Market

Infographic of the Day: How Renewables Could Power Us, by 2020

Beyond the Kindle: Color, Video E-Paper Devices Are Just Around the Corner


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